How to Write Thank You Note After Interview?

How to Write Thank You Note After Interview?

Thank you letters are an important part of business as well as normal life. After receiving a gift, dropping you at your home, attending a dinner party you should write thank you note to them who help you. While in the business world, you should write thank you letter to your boss for providing a reference to you, your colleague help you in an important project, appreciate for your work, it is very important to take time and write thank you note for everyone who helps you in career. Do you know thank you letter is also necessary after the interview? So, after facing an interview you have to write a thank you note after interview to the interviewer of a particular company.

Many of us say thank you for using text messages or chat or WhatsApp, but in some cases, you should write a thank you letter. By using a thanksgiving letter, one can express their thankfulness to whom you help a lot in personal as well as professional life. Not only for appreciation or thanks but by this letter one can maintain good contact with someone in your network.

Thank you note may help your manager to keep remember you while hiring you for a new position. It can also indicate your supervisor that you are proficient and gracious about your work. While sending this kind of letter or email, you should know what to write in a letter or what to write in thank you email. It is necessary to mention the right thing using the right format.Thank you Note after interview

Before start writing a thank you letter, you should know some occasions on which you write this letter, but that you should know some tips and samples of thank you letters that assist you to write a perfect letter without any mistake.

How to Write a Thank You Letter?

Writing any letter or thank-you letter is an art. Due to enhancement in the technology, we don’t use letter and just text thank you messages because of less time. But thank you letter only takes a few minutes to compose and it carries more weight than other conversation forms. In professional life, this letter may help you to stand above the crowd while in personal life this letter helps you to appreciate someone and feel them special.

So, to improve the relationship in your personal and professional life. But for that, you should know the perfect situations or occasions on which you need to compose thanks giving letter.

Events that Need Thanks Giving Letter

Thank you letters are used in many areas of our life. In the professional world, we write this letter after an interview and in personal life, we write this letter to feel your loved one more special. Here are some occasions on which we have to write this letter.

  • After receiving a gift
  • After getting a job
  • After dropping you at your home
  • After a wedding or birthday party
  • Thank you note after interview
  • After staying at someone’s place, etc.

Things that Keep in Mind While Writing Thank You Letter

Handwritten thank you letter is read differently by professionals and by nonprofessionals. So, while writing a letter, you have to include below things writing tips.

  • Address the person in a proper manner
  • Start with thank you
  • Elaborate More about the recipient
  • Conclude with thanks once again
  • Closing with proper sign-off

Tips for Writing Thank You Letter

  • Keep your letter brief
  • Send a letter as soon as possible
  • Be positive and sincere at the time of writing
  • Personalize each letter

Types of Appreciation Letter

  • After getting a job
  • After receiving a gift
  • After an interview
  • After a wedding or birthday party
  • After successful completion of valuable projectThank you letter

Thank You Letter Samples and Email Templates

Below are some samples of thank-you letters with its email-templates. In all sample letters, you will find a different tone and determination, but as per your requirement, you choose any one template that may help you to start a letter.

Thank You Note After Interview

After wrapping up an amazing interview for a job, you are ready to do a job. So, for a long-lasting impression, you should write a thank you note after the interview. Therefore, use thank your letter, which highlights you as the best candidate in the mind of the interviewer. Your letter should be clear and brief which helps them to remember you. Thank you email template is the best option for this to thanks your interviewer for an amazing interview.

Here we mention job interview thank you email samples that might help you after an interview.

Job Interview Thank You Letter Email Template

Dear [Name of Interviewer],[Thanking line]. [Bespoke about how you enjoyed the interview]. [Line that adds value to the discussions you had and shows your desire for their company and position].

[Sentence about how eager you are to hear from them, and set up the follow-up email]. [Closing line that thanks them once again].

[Sign Off],


Sample Thank You Note After Interview 

Dear Mr. Peter, Thank you for giving me your valuable time to meet me today. I loved learning more about a Social Media Specialist post within your organization. It is perfectly matched for my skills, interest, and background as an SEO Executive.

Your latest approach toward social media marketing includes SEO strategies that confirmed my need to become a member of your team.

Thank you once again for investing your valuable time from your busy schedule in my interview. I am very interested to become a member of your team and waiting to speak with you again.



After Getting a Job Offer

Once you receive a job offer letter and read all the details about your position, you have a small amount of time to either accept or decline the role. We all handled this over the phone, but in any case, it is compulsory to give your response over email. The written letter acts as proof in case of acceptance or rejection.

Thank You Letter for Job Offer 

Dear Mr. Peter, Thank you for appointing me as a Social Media Specialist in your organization. I appreciate all the time you took my interview, consider my application, and pleased to accept this opportunity.

Out of respect for my current employer, I am on two weeks’ notice period. After that, from 1st January I will be ready to join your team.

Once again thank you for giving me this tremendous opportunity.



Thank You Letter for Decline Job Offer 

When you got the job after cracking the interview and want to reject this opportunity, in this case, you have to write thank you note for decline a job offer.

Dear Mr. Peter, Thank you for offering me an opportunity as a Social Media Specialist. But I am so sorry to inform you that I will not able to accept your offer.

While it sounded good, I must go to a different course. I wish you all the best and hope we can continue to associate in the future.

Once again thanks a lot for giving me such a marvelous opportunity.



After Receiving a Gift

After receiving a gift from someone on your special occasion, it is your noble responsibility to thank him or her and write a thank you note. Nevertheless, it is important to send the thank you letter to make your occasion more special and memorable. Using the below thank you note template, you can easily write this letter.

Dear John,

Thanks a lot for the appealing dress you sent me for my birthday. You know me very well. Form so many days; I am looking for this dress.

It has been more than 5 years since we met and I could not be gratifying you for your friendship.

Thank you once again for making my birthday more special. I will send you pictures when I wear this dress.

With Love,


Give Thanks to Your Colleague

You should formally thank you to your colleagues and team members after completion of the project or helping you in your work. One should notice your professional gesture at your work. Imagine the situation when you help your colleague and no one appreciate you for this work though you are a hero. So, by this, you will get to know about the importance of thank you note. Therefore, you should give a thank you letter to your colleague and improve your relationship with your co-workers.

Thank You Letter Template

Dear [Name],

Thank you for [line about what you are thanking your colleague]. [Line about why the person’s contribution deserves your gratitude].

[Line about the positive effect of the recipient’s contribution].

Thanks again for a compliment or friendly comment.



Example of Thank You for Hospitality

Dear Smith,

Thank you for helping me put the final touches on the project launch. You gave up me your valuable weekend to make this happen and I just do not understand how much I appreciate your creative work and energy.

Your contributions made a difference and we not only complete our task before the deadline but your efforts make our project awesome.

Thanks a lot for your valuable efforts. We crushed it.



After Staying at Someone’s Place

Whenever someone opens the door of their house and give their valuable time to you then you always thank them for sharing their personal space with you.

In this case, you have to say thank you by writing old fashioned and handwritten thank you note. But because of advancement in technology, you can use an email template to say thank you to your friends or relative for their hospitality.

Thank You Email After Staying at Your Friend’s House

Dear Allen,

Thank you so much for having Smith and me this weekend. We had a fantastic time this weekend and thanks for your hospitality. We never forget the steak-fries.

Your home is completely beautiful and we think it is most comfortable for me. I like your cozy bed and I definitely say that you have a beautiful house with the coziest bed in the world.

Once again thank you for your hospitality.

With Love,


You can also use our sample apology letter template for apologies to your friend for your mistake or misbehavior.

Thank You Note for Family and FriendsThank you note for friends

Sometimes we fail to remember those who are very close to us for certain things they give to us. When you recall any event and want to say thanks then it is not possible due to some situations. So, in this case, you should write thanks you note or thank you email to your friends or family members for their valuable support and contribution to your event to make it successful and memorable.

Thank You Letter Template for Your Friends and Family

Dear [Name],

Thank you for [line about what you are thanking them for]. [Line about why their contribution means a lot].

[Line for praising them for their kindness].

Once again Thanks with a closing line.

[Sign Off],


Thank You Letter Example

Dear Sam, Thank you for your help at the get-together party. By booking a hall and sending invitations to family and friends in a short time period. I know that without someone’s help my function is not successful and rocking.If you did not help me then I might be canceled it and missing the chance to connect all. I would love to take you out for lunch next time whenever we meet.

Thanks a lot for your valuable efforts once again.


Uncle Thomas

After a Special Occasion

After a special occasion like birthday, wedding party, baby shower party, welcome home party, an anniversary party you should thank them to make your moment more memorable. It is necessary to send a thank note to all who took the time to celebrate your special day. For that, you should use an email template to thank all.

Dear Era,

Thanks a lot for giving your precious time to celebrate my 50th birthday. There is undoubtedly for me that this decade is going to be the best decade for me because I rang with you.

I hope you enjoyed the party. By your presence, you will make a special place in my heart and for that thank is not enough.

Besides this, the silk sari you gave me is very pretty. I have already worn it on a relative’s party and it gives a bold and beautiful look.

Once again thank you for making my birthday more meaningful and memorable.

Loving Friend,


By browsing this blog, you will come to know about the importance of thank you letters and how it helps to appreciate one about their work. Using thank you note after interview example, one can easily write thank you note without wasting too much time to concern person. Not only for personal life but you can use thank you note for business as well as the professional world too to maintain good relations with your competitors and partners. You can also use our leave application format article when you apply for leave.

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