How to Write a Permission Letter

How to Write a Permission Letter

Letter of Permission

A permission letter is written to take permission for some reason. A person or group of people who ask for permission to their high authority writing this letter in a formal way. One can very easily write a request letter to its high authority. For composing this letter, you can use our templates and samples of the permission letter or visit website.

Parents to get permission for leave form school, workplace or an employee ask for approval of some project generally use this letter. As we know this is a formal letter then you have to take care of certain tips before composing permission letters. Keep in mind that one permission or request letter or suited for all situations or requirements.

Here we provide you complete guidelines about how to composing a letter of permission with useful tips, templates, and samples.

How Write a Permission Letter?

Letter of permission grant request from the authorized person. Write a letter of permission designating temporary custody of your child to another or ask permission for leave or granting use of your copyright or asking for a specific material for product and in many other situations. In all situations when you ask for permission, you have to write this letter to the appropriate person.

Permission letter

For some people, it would be quite difficult to compose the permission request letter. But using our tips and templates one can easily compose the letter to the concerned person.

Writing Tips for Composing Permission Letter

While composing this letter one, one should keep in mind the below tips.

  • Do not make grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Use formal language in your letter
  • Mention your contact number and address in your letter
  • Address the person to whom you write the letter
  • Mention the reason for looking for permission

Things to Keep in Mind While Composing Permission Request Letter

To compose the permission letter, it is necessary to keep below points in your mind:

  • Know the concerned person:

While writing the letter, it is necessary to research the person from whom you need to take permission. If you don’t know then ask someone from the company and mention you want permission to use certain services.

  • Business letter format:

It is necessary to follow the proper format when writing a letter of permission. You can use business letter format for composing this letter.

  • Proper usage of salutation:

Make sure you use proper salutation with positive greetings. If you know the last name of person and gender than you should use Mr. Last name or Ms. Last name. But if you don’t know the gender then t would be better to use dear + full name of a person.

  • Introduce yourself:

At the time of asking permission, it is the best practice to introduce yourself and mention the reason why you need to write this letter.

  • Do not mention too much detail:

It would be sensible to avoid too many details in this letter.

  • Mention importance of request:

It would be wise to mention why I need to compose this letter and why permission is important.

  • Proofread the letter:

After completing, the whole article proofread the letter and make sure there is no grammatical and spelling mistake.

  • Proper closing:

The closing of the letter should be appropriate and proper.

Permission Letter Template

For writing a permission letter, you can use our permission letter format.








Subject: Permission Request Letter

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I (Name of sender) working as a (designation of the sender) writing this letter to you for kindly granting me 7 days for my brother’s marriage. I would not be working for 7 days and therefore I want to write this letter to grant my permission for leave. I make sure my absence will not cause any stoppage to the ongoing projects.

I hope you give positive replay from your side.

Yours Truly,

Name and Sign of sender

Permission Letter Sample


Allen Doe,

Senior Project Manager

Random House Publishers,

222, 2nd Floor,

New York – 20021

Date: 23rd December 2019


John William

Subject: Permission letter for leave of absence

Respected Mr. William,

I am writing this letter to you because today I want half-day leave. I request you to grant me permission for half-day leave. I also not available for 5 days as I am going out of town to attend my cousin’s marriage.

Thus, I am writing this letter to you sir to grant my half-day as well as 5 days CL. I make sure no projects affected because of my absence. I have been working in this company for the last 2 years and you know about my work dedication.

Kindly grant my leave application.

Thank You,

Yours faithfully,

Allen Doe

How to Write Permission Letter to Principal?

Permission Letter to principal is written to grant some legal authorization. Nowadays this letter is very important in business, school, college, formally or informally. Permission letter request is generally written in a formal way for grant student’ leave or allow to specific authorization.

The letter of permission to the principal is written to grant your request or want permission to do something that you want. Just like writing a letter to your boss or high authority, you should write this letter informal way to your principal

Tips to Write a Letter of Permission to Principal

  • The language of a letter should be formal.
  • You should address the concerned person properly.
  • Mentioned your reason why you want to take permission.
  • Do not make spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The letter should not be wordy or too long.

Template for Permission Letter to School Principal


The Principal

School Name



Respected Madam/Sir,

My name is (Full name) from (company name). I write this letter to you as I am interested in holding a literacy program in your school with my team.

Give a little bit of information about your company like what your company offers, your training cost, and the reason behind why you want to conduct this training program in her/his school.

Thank you for your attention and I hope you will replay to me soon.

Yours Faithfully,

Name and Sign

Sample Letter of Permission to School Principal


The Principal,

Xavier School.

Date: 24th Dec 2019

Subject: Granting permission for joining karate classes

Respected Sir,

I am a student of class 5th ‘A’ wants your permission for joining karate classes from tomorrow. Sir, I am very excited to join this class. I hope you will allow me to join the karate classes as soon as possible.

Thank & regards,

Yours Sincerely,


Permission Letter to School

Sometimes for some events or functions, we want to use school ground or other school properties. Therefore, to use school properties or want to access school premises you should compose the letter of permission to the high authority of the school.

This request is letter is a formal letter like leave application. In this letter, you have to mention for which event you need to use school ground and type of events with a number of days with the date and approx. amounts involved in this event. So, if you want permission to hold your event on school premises then use our sample letter format that may help you compose letter easily.










Respected Sir/Ma’am,

Subject: Grant permission to hold our job fair at your school ground

We are a very famous placement cell in our city. After a particular time, we host job fairs that want some information about job seekers. By doing this, we provide the best career option to all job seekers in the city.

This year so many job seekers will attend our job fair. For this, we cannot use our hall which we use previously for the recruitment process because the number of job seekers is increasing day by day. Because of this reason, we need a larger venue.

Among all institutes in the city, your ground has the largest capacity. In addition, it is open so one can smoothly and freely move from here and there. We want to ask you to permit us to use your ground for our job fair with the charges that ordinarily come along. We look for a positive response from you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Name & sign

How to Compose Permission Letter from Parents to Teacher?

The permission letter from a parent to a teacher is generally written in case when your child takes time off school. Whenever the need for permission is arising then you need to compose this letter to the class teacher of your child.

In this letter, you should mention your reason why you need to take permission with explanations. Your letter of request should be proper, to the point and simple. If you do not write it accurately than it may be rejected by the teacher. So, to approve your child’s leave request, use our permission letter for the parent template and samples.

Things to Keep in Mind While Composing Permission Letter

  • Mention the valid reason for permission
  • Write a letter in Formal language
  • Do not make spelling and grammatical errors.

Sample Permission Letter for Parents


Mrs. Andrew

Los Angeles

CA 90210

Date: 25th Dec 2019


Mrs. Williams

Respected Ma’am,

My son Jack Andrew is a student of class 5th. She wants 5 days to leave for attending her cousin’s sister’s marriage. It is necessary for us as a family to attend this wedding function.

I would be thankful if you grant my son’s leave from 28th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020 so that we will attend the marriage function. I would expect that Jack would be back a school on 3rd January 2020.

I hope you can understand the situation and grant my son’s leave and replay to me as soon as possible.

Thank & regards,

Mrs. Andrew

The permission letter is composed in the situation when you ask for permission from your high authority. Just like an apology letter format, this letter plays an important role in various fields for seeking permission. So, for writing this letter, you can use our above-given templates and samples of letters of permission or else you can write yourself.


  • I never knew that a permission letter could be written in these many ways.

  • This is what I was actually looking for. These tips and samples turned out to be really helpful when I wrote a letter to my Principal for the first time ever!

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