11 Good Excuses to Miss Work Last Minutes

11 Good Excuses to Miss Work Last Minutes

Good Excuses to Miss Work Last Minutes

At some stages of your career, you might need to take some unplanned leaves. Everyone occasionally takes time off from his or her work. While managers generally choose to follow a leave policy to the team that should be scheduled and approved in advance before you plan a leave. However, every time planned leave maybe not possible. At that time we have some very common and bulletproof good excuses to miss work, those look like real, not fake.

Sometimes we need a break from work without any valid reason and at that time, we make so many valid or invalid excuses to miss work. Almost all employees make excuses for the work. As per one research, more than 40% of employees or workers use fake reasons for approving their unplanned leaves. There are so many reasons to miss work like sickness, family emergency, babysitting problem and many more.

Some reasons are valid for taking time off while some seem unprofessional and look like a fake. So, to maintain good relations with your boss, you need to give good excuses to miss work in the case when you are not planning that leaves.

Bulletproof Excuses to Miss Work

Sometimes we have seen that day is beautiful, and you don’t want to go for work. So, to enjoy this beautiful day, you call your boss or manager and make some excuse like feeling sick, your car is out of a garage, your baby is not well, family emergency, and many more for missing work. By giving any reason sometimes to miss work is believable but it can’t work for all time.

You may think that giving any reason to miss work is good for you but in reality, it is not because the manager or boss does not like to admire you for missing work without any valid reason. Do you know excuses come in various sizes and shapes? You need to know about every type of excuse but if you use it unnecessarily then it may end up your career.

Types of Excuses to Miss Work

  • Good and Common Excuses
  • Bad and problematic Excuses
  • Ugly and Funny Excuses

Common & Good Excuses to Call off Work Last Minute

As we know that excuses are not always good and but inherently it is not bad in some situations. There are some good reasons for missing work. Feeling-ill is a short term and very common reason to escape work or miss deadlines. Other than this there are many other common and frequently use excuses that might be used by any of us to escape from your work.

If you want to use good excuses for missing your work then the following are very good reasons that will help you a lot at your workplace.

  • Family Emergency Excuses

An emergency can be referred to as a diversity occurrence like a child sick, car accident, unpredicted surgery, elder parent sickness, and many more. If you face any one of these conditions, then as an employee you should contact your manager or boss and update him/her about your plans so that they can find an alternative of your absence. You should also notify about your rejoining to your work after leave.

  • Work Excuse for Delivery of Major Purchase

Major delivery includes a fridge, furniture and other valuable assets that cannot leave outside the door. And it is not possible every time to organize the delivery outside of your work. So, to receive this kind of major purchase, one needs to take an off from the work and its valid excuse.

  • Sick Excuses for Missing WorkSick Excuses for Miss Work

This is a very good excuse to Miss Work for work by all. Generally, you do not use Doctor’s Note for one day off whether you are ill or not. For one-day sick leave, you may use stomach pain, headache, and other reason without any doctor note. But for more than one day off one needs to give proof to your boss in the form of Doctor Note. In the case of absence, you have to write a leave application with a proper leave letter format. Not only this, but you have to mention a valid reason for leave with a date in this letter. So, that your boss grants your leave easily.

In some cases, employees befool their high authority by giving fake doctors notes as they fail to work properly or miss the deadline. While informing about your illness to your manager, you need to mention the reason and date when you joining after your illness.

  • Home Emergency

Sometimes while work we got house emergencies like a boiler is broken or flooded bathroom. Some of us use this excuse to avoid work. These kinds of excuses are valid, and your boss finds it genuinely. So, in this case, you can easily ask for House Emergency leave to your boss to be nice about it.

  • Child Sickness

Child sickness is another good excuse to miss work. As a parent, you have to take care of your sick child and ask your boss for leave. In this case, your boss definitely gives leave because this reason seems valid without any fake.

Child Sickness Excuse

Problematic and Bad Excuses for Miss Work

Just like good excuses to miss work, there are so many bad excuses. One can easily think about bad excuses because bad lies but that are not true. Some bad excuses are worst for skipping work. But the truth is sometimes ugly and you should be better off using any of the invalid excuses. Generally, lazy persons or those who are not serious about their job use this kind of excuse to miss work.

Therefore, you should avoid below mention bad excuses for missing work and become your boss’s favorite employee.

  • Vehicle Problems

This is the most used and worst excuse for missing work. I think we all use these excuses at least one-time in their careers. Very famous vehicle excuses are, a vehicle breaking down, a vehicle not starting, vehicle puncture and many more. This kind of excuse uses since past but now when you inform your boss about your vehicle excuse then he might suggest getting an uber.

Nowadays so many online taxi-hailing apps available. And by using any of this app you may book your car to reach your destination. So, before telling this excuse to boss thinks twice.

  • Feeling Tired

While feeling not-well, you feel uncomfortable and lose your motivation level. This reason should not be your excuse to miss work. But if you give this excuse then it is irrelevant and unreliable. In this kind of situation, you should give a proper reason behind your tiredness. For instance, if you are not sleeping a whole night for taking care of your sick child or because of any family emergency. You have to explain all these situations to your boss so that he/she will allow you to leave.Excuses to Miss Work

In case if you feel tired because of the workload then you have to explain it to your employer so that he/she will take appropriate action.

  • Someone’s death

When someone has closed to you and passed away unexpectedly then, you will need one or more days from work. So, in this situation, you have to describe the entire situation with upcoming dates you may need to take off. While asking work off on someone’s death make sure you are not telling lie because it is very horrible and considers wrong on any level.

Funny Excuses to Get Out of Work Last Minute

These kinds of excuses are generally bad and ugly. These excuses are not bad, but they are so unbelievable for your boss and your boss even doesn’t know how to react. Generally, this kind of excuse uses by all of us in some situations to escape from work. Below we mention some of the very funny reasons to miss work.

  • Locked out of Home

This is a very funny and unbelievable excuse for missing work. But if you often make this excuse then every time it may not be work. While using this kind of excuse, you need to tell the perfect time for being late for reaching work. This excuse works because it is so silly and your boss simply laughs on it and allows you to take the day off.

  • New JobNew Job Excuses to Miss Work

You might be looking for a new job, but giving this reason to your boss for not coming to work does seem you are not smart. If you are honest to stay at home to find a job then after finding this reason for missing work, your boss reacts in an unpredicted way.

  • Accidents

You don’t predict accident but this excuse comes in the list of funny excuses to miss. In the case of huge accidents, it may be possible to take leave. But if you cut your finger while cutting vegetable or burn your finger while cooking is funny accidents that you have to manage. Accidents happen in everyone’s life but if it is valid then your boss sympathetic to this.

Do this Before Making Excuses to Miss Work

Before making any excuses for missing your work or good excuses to miss work, you should know some very important tips that you have to keep in mind. By using simple tips, you can assure your manager or boss does not allow you to start questioning the reason and you do not put your career in trouble. So, before making excuses like Doctors Excuse for work or Fake dr note or Personal Emergency, you should keep in mind below listed things.

  • Be confident and honest
  • Give a brief explanation of your excuse.
  • Notify your boss or manager as soon as possible.
  • Be prepared and ready to take the significances.

The above-mentioned reasons are some common reasons for missing work. We all make any of the mentioned good excuses to miss work in your daily life. Other than this, so many other excuses we make in daily life to escape our work. But before telling any excuse to your boss, you need to remember the above-mentioned tips. So, if you think about to take a leave to find a new job than it is a bad reason, and use any of the above-given reason, which suits your situation.


  • I’ve probably made the full use of these excuses while staying at home recently. Of course, I used them for a good cause and not to skip work intentionally.

  • Thanks for such amazing tips!

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